Vesna Dolic

Dip. Remedial Massage Therapist
Lymphoedema Practitioner

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My Story

When Vesna Dolic was told by a nurse that she had ‘healing hands’, she knew that studying Remedial Massage Therapy would be her path. In the year 2000, Vesna studied a Diploma of Remedial Therapy and began treating clients, and to this day, she is reminded of her healing hands whenever she helps her clients achieve their outcomes.

Treatment style

Vesna approaches treatments with a listening ear, genuinely hearing and taking interest in her clients’ issues and ailments. Using her polished insight to delve deep into the mind and body, Vesna puts every effort into achieving her clients’ goals. She believes in providing a constant flow of feedback and information to her clients during treatments to help them understand what they’re feeling and how their bodies are responding.

Vesna and MassageLine

Vesna believes the MassageLine clinic is filled with great energy, vibrancy, and an atmosphere that is both luxurious and relaxing for therapists and clients alike.

Vesna – the person

Originally a scientist by trade – specifically Chemical Engineering – Vesna is into all things chemistry from the environment to the human body. She’s never bored and likes to keep her hands busy.

Professional Qualifications

2019 Dr Vodder School-Therapy II&III Course        

Manual Lymph Drainage and Combined decongestive Therapy

Dr Vodder School-Advanced Neck & Face manual Lymph drainage

2017 Dr Vodder school-Therapy I Manual Lymph Drainage

2014 Tom Myers -Anatomy Trains and Body Reading Master class: Cranium, Neck, Jaw

2013 Resolving Fascial dysfunction in spine and pelvic girdle –Mark Finch

2011 Tom Myers –Anatomy Trains Soft tissue master class

2005 ACNM-Australian College of Natural Medicine Diploma of Remedial Massage

1980 University of Technology Zagreb-Dipl. Chemical Engineer