Simona Prochazkova

Remedial Massage Therapist
Clinic Owner

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My Story

Simona Prochazkova has always been fascinated by how the human body works and the connection between touch and healing.

Spending the early years of her life in the Czech Republic, the first of her studies began in 1990's with a Diploma in Sports Massage, later evolving into courses in the UK in Relaxation Massage and Reflexology, and then in AUS with the study of Diploma in Remedial massage and Advance Diploma in Myotherapy.

Treatment style:

Simona relishes in the simplicity and beauty of massage therapy, applying the perfect balance of anatomical knowledge and practiced intuition to each treatment. She believes that every treatment is about connection coupled with the practical and technical art of massage. Keep things simple is her mantra. Simona is a big believer in relaxation and brings that into her treatments.  

Simona and MassageLine

The MassageLine clinic is Simona’s baby.
Simona has cultivated an environment that is about community, where individual therapists can practice and be renowned for their different treatment styles, and every client counts the days to their next visit.


Simona – the person

Simona is a lifelong animal lover. Before her massage career, she worked with racehorses in England and Australia, and has a furry family of one cat and one dog. She loves nature, hiking, and camping.

Professional Qualifications

. Diploma in Myotherapy at RMIT, Melbourne (AUS)

. Human Dissection Course for bodyworkers (UK )

. Neurostructural . Integration Technique (Bowen) (AUS)

. Sport Trainer Level 1 (AUS)

. Oncology Massage Stages I&II (AUS) 

. Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy at Australian Institute of Fitness, Melbourne (AUS)

. Certificate IV in Massage Therapy at Australian Institute of Fitness, Melbourne (AUS)

. ITEC (International Therapy Examination Council England) Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Massage, Morley College, London (UK)

. Diploma in Massage Therapy, International Yoga School (UK)

. Sports Regeneration Massage Diploma, Private School of Massage, Prague (CZ)