Remedial Massage - Myotherapy - Manual Lymphatic drainage





A collection of techniques involving pressure and manipulation of soft tissue such as muscles, ligaments, and skin


A range of modalities such as massage, dry needling, cupping, exercise prescription and rehabilitation used to treat musculoskeletal injuries, pain, and joint dysfunction

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A gentle manual technique promoting the movement of the lymphatic fluid in the body


MassageLine is your holistic community massage hub filled with skilled therapists, diverse disciplines, and one ultimate goal - simply keeping you well. 


MassageLine is a clinic with one humble mission – simply keeping you well.

Our reputation

Serving the Malvern East and Greater Melbourne community since 2010, MassageLine has a renowned reputation for first class massage therapy in an environment of pure luxury and relaxation.


Our therapists

Our therapists offer a diverse range of modalities, approaches, and unique treatment styles to match your needs, your preferences, and your comfort.


Our rooms

We believe your environment and surroundings set the tone for your massage experience. That’s why we’ve designed spaces to create an atmosphere of luxury and leisure.


The little details

We pay attention to the little things that make the difference between a great massage, and a massage you tell your friends and family about. From the temperature to the towels, every little detail is focused on your comfort.  


When you walk in…

Your experience with us starts the second you walk through our doors.
Our clinic is carefully designed to create a welcoming atmosphere of relaxation and luxury while providing functional spaces to perform first class treatments.
We believe your environment sets the tone for your massage, and we set the bar high.


When you see us…

You are the centre of our attention.
Each therapist’s approach is guided by your needs, your preferences, and your personal goals that we establish by talking with you one-on-one at a human level.
It is MassageLine’s collective purpose to create amazing, positive change for our clients.


Why you’ll come back…

MassageLine is more than a clinic - it’s a community.
Once you’re a part of our community, every treatment is delivered at the same consistently high standard, every little detail is thought of, and every visit will leave you feeling genuinely cared for.




Simona Prochazkova

Remedial Massage Therapist 



Simona relishes in the simplicity and beauty of massage therapy, applying to each treatment the perfect balance of anatomical knowledge and practiced intuition.


Simona likes to spend time getting to know your body’s tissue and building a treatment plan that has you coming off the table smiling.


Amy Mulcahy

Remedial Massage Therapist

A Sherlock Holmes of massage therapy, Amy enjoys the detective work of discovering the source of her clients’ pain and is rewarded for her efforts by watching the healing happen.


Amy likes arming her clients with knowledge and giving them ownership and responsibility of their healing journey.

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Vesna Dolic

Remedial Massage Therapist 

Lymphoedema Practitioner


Known for her ‘healing hands’, Vesna approaches treatments with a listening ear, genuinely hearing and taking interest in her clients’ issues and ailments.


She believes in providing a constant flow of feedback and information to her clients during treatments to help them understand what they’re feeling and how their bodies are responding.



MassageLIne - 314 Waverley Road - Malvern East 3145

Phone 0468 491 533


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